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Rinna Ly Dress is so lovable 2

Rinna Ly Dress is so lovable

Latest design, Rinna Ly has been loved by the stars: Pe Sam, Dao Phuong Anh, Puka, Ho Bich Tram, just to name a few Have a look at our beautiful stars in Rinna Ly Dress 

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Pe Sam featuring our best sellers 3

Pe Sam featuring our best sellers

Hello again, Our favorite Pe Sam, a lovely lady with well rounded talents have been featuring our latest designs, most of which are on popular TV Shows that are being broadcasted nationwide. Have a look […]

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Sam & Nha Phuong 4

Sam & Nha Phuong

Rosselyn, an item from our upcoming Collection for the Holiday of 2017 was handpicked by actress Pe Sam and Nha Phuong in recent events in Ho Chi Minh City

Both stood out from the crowd with a minimal yet elegant white.

Rosselyn, together with the whole collection will be available soon end of this month.

Stay tuned!


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