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Spring 20 X Hakino 1

Spring 20 X Hakino


Inspired by fresh new vibes of the new year, introducing SPRING ‘20 Collection with fresh, vibrant colors to indulge your self to the new year stream. The collection this season exudes the most quintessential and seductive charm.

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  • Spring 20 X Hakino 3
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  • Spring 20 X Hakino 5
  • Spring 20 X Hakino 6
  • Spring 20 X Hakino 7
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  • Spring 20 X Hakino 9
  • Spring 20 X Hakino 10

Our designs create their own language through the shape and contours while in the move, transpired through sexy satin silk surrounding two main design features: flap skirts with asymmetrical folds, pleated shoulder and slim slender skirt, wrists cut deeply, along the improvised classes fluttering one side.

What makes the remarkable point in the collection is the vibrantly colored lilies, the belts of butterfly motifs are meticulously crafted and very special. Besides, the layered dress organza pink feminine material is impressed by the soft pleats that had been “tired” of the previous ladies.

All of them bring the image of CHYMEOCHY women both boldly modern and strangely romantic as if they were traveling across time and space limits.

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