How to wear a see through top? 1

How to wear a see through top?

Some of the typical see through shirts are those with puffy sleeve, ruffled and tied with large ribbons. Or a jacket made of puffy, transparent organza. How to wear these see-through nicely without being offensive? Here are some tips

For a more elaborate look: Combine with a bra of the same skin tone

The most traditional way to wear a see-through shirt is to combine with a bra, which is the same tone as your skin tone. This wear helps to accentuate the penetration of the organza shirt. You can even choose a camisole shirt if you wear a transparent shirt to a serious place like the office.

For a more playful look: Choose a bra of the same color as your top

Another great way to wear is to choose a bra below that is the same color as the organza. This will help the bra look like a part of a transparent top.

Remember that because the blouse is see-through, the bra is just as important as the outer blouse. Choose a lace bras, like our crop lace bralette which is specially designed to be delicate, to show off your bold personality and still look luxurious.

For work in hot weather: Choose an organza with a thick lining or pattern

In hot weather, it is difficult to wear chiffon blouses with an overcoat. The easiest way is to choose a shirt that is not 100% see-through

We have organza blouses that are designed to minimize see-through at the sensitive point. For example, our Mid Sleeves Organza Top is made of thicker silk organza fabric with layers of laser cut elements. This pattern helps make you stand out boldly while at the same time still being feminine – typical of organza.

One last tip: Don’t limit yourself

A see-through shirt can be a trend. But you don’t have to put yourself into any of the existing set-up.

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